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Technomatics as Equipment Supplier

We do offer some special features/services.
If you are looking for a registered I.T Equipment supplier, Technomatics is the best among all. We not only supply the said equipment but also provide services, so that our client may get the best of its demands.

Server Machines

of all kinds + special services.

Technomatics has the vision of transforming the current computing facilities into an advanced and more effective environment. Therefore, we provide the services from analyzing the needs till supply of specific server machinery. 


Plus some special services.

New/Used computer systems of Different Brands.



Plus some special services.

We make arrangement for almost every kind of printing device including services related to installation and troubleshooting.

Other Devices

Plus some Special Services. 

Technomatics is a good sources of almost every I.T related equipment. Be it, Microphones, Scanners, Speakers, Biometric Locks, Netwrok Switches, WiFi Devices and etc.